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  • Dynamic mathematics software used for geometry, algebra and calculus

    Whats new in version Stable:
    General Features:
    • new Sign In option to stay signed-in to GeoGebraTube
    • new CAS Engine (Giac) which is much faster and resolves many problems from GeoGebra 4.2
    • the CAS View supports exact versions of some of the geometry commands, and there is now some support for parametric curves
    • PSTricks and PGF/Tikz export enhanced with fixes & more objects supported
    • HTML worksheet export now uploads to GeoGebraTube (Ctrl-Shift-M to get new automatic Java/HTML5 export to the clipboard)
    • Ctrl-Shift-B to copy the "ggbBase64 string" to the clipboard
    • (a,1) draggable
    • autocreation of sliders from the Input Bar (eg y = a x + b)
    • variables highlighted in the Input Bar and CAS
    • Text Tool: Quotes " replaced with “ or ”.
    • defaults changed: Checkboxes, Sliders and Buttons now larger
    • angles over 360° are allowed now
    • angle default can be set to 0° - 180°
    • Can now set angle properties for lists of angles
    • automatically updates to latest version (Windows)
    • OSX automatic updates offered through Mac App Store
    • pressed in ...

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